Monday, February 15, 2010

Mac's Lightning Thief Party

Mac wanted to take some of his buddies to see The Lightning Thief for his birthday. I told him that was a great idea as long as he read the book first. Well, he read all five books in the series first! So, we went today to see the movie. He had a friend from Church, a friend from his old school, and friends from his new school. They are all great boys and really were easy to have together. We watched The Lightning Thief, which was pretty good. It is so far from the book, it irritates me, but it was a nice clean movie for a bunch of 9/10 year old boys. We saw lots of friends at the same movie, too. Then we walked the boys over to the ice cream shop for treats. Mac opened gifts there and then we went down to Game Stop to look around. Mac had a nice day. I was so relived to find out what a nice group of boys he hangs around with. I can't believe he's about to turn 10!!

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