Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Bash

Last night the Smith household was full!! We had our family over for a birthday party for John (1) and Mac (10). Uncle Stephen and Kayla came up from SF. Great Grandma and Great Grandpa came, along with Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Jim, Aunt Cindy, Kelsey, Keaton, Aunt Patti, Emily, Rachel, Grampie Bob, Anna, Aunt Delayne, Uncle Brett, Ethan, Bonnie, Eliza, Lilly, Aunt Shannon, Chandler, and Jaycee. We kept things very simple and had cake, ice cream, ice cream cake and soda. The boys opened gifts and everyone just had a nice time chatting. Our boys are sure lucky to have so many people who love them.

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