Sunday, February 21, 2010


Maddie earned her date and decided she'd like to go to IHOP for breakfast. We met my brother and his girlfriend (Kayla) there along with my dad. It was really fun. Maddie got her funny face pancake with extra chocolate chips. It was Kayla's first time to IHOP!! Maddie is such a good girl and deserved a nice reward for her hard work.
Mac also earned his date. He chose to go to sushi. Needless to say, I didn't go. YUCK! Stephen and Spencer took him and they all had a great time. They all love sushi. They went to the Rice Bowl, which I've heard is the best deal for sushi in town.
While they were at sushi, I took John to Picture People for his 1 year old photos. What a waste! We took some nice photos, but in order to buy the digital files, you have to pay $250!! I could get a new camera for that!! Who are they kidding!!?? I ended up buying a couple of 8x10s and kicking myself for not just borrowing a nice camera and taking the shots myself. Maybe I'll still do that...

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