Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Ellingsons Come to Visit!

Uncle Steve and Aunt Kayla came for a quick visit.  We took them on a hike to Monkey Face.  Steve helped the boys to find the eyes of the monkey - FINALLY!  They were stoked (especially Ryan).
Even Lucky got to come!
 Mac got Steve to play some video games.
Kayla and Maddie made some yummy cookies.
 Maddie's newest fish died that weekend.  We held a nice little funeral in the bathroom.  We even sang a hymn.
Aunt Kayla even came to help with the heart dissection!  She and Steve were a great help.  
 The butcher donated all of these hearts when he found out we were using them to dissect in class.

 Sis. M came in and taught us all about the heart and showed us how to dissect it.

This picture is just cute.

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