Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Beginning of Chico Independence Academy

 September was a big month for the Smiths!  We started homeschooling all of our children this fall.  We are together with a group of great friends who all joined in together.  Three times a week the kids go to the Chico Independence Academy.  Sister D and Sister W teach, while the other parents help out in the class and/or on field trips.  The rest of the time they learn at home.  They've had some great adventures!!
 This was our first official meeting all together as a class.

 This was the first official day at school.
 Our office space was not ready yet, so the first couple of days were in our home.

 John loved having everyone around that first week.
 When we got the office space, everyone helped to move in!!
 A couple times a week, the kids go down to the Pings to learn about Physics.  She is very hands on and has terrific experiments for them!!
 John got to build this great tower!  It's a challenge to help him be quiet while the other kids study.
John decided to be helpful and do his own hair for me.  He knows that I'm busy in the morning getting everyone ready.  SO, he put ample amounts of gel in his hair and thought he was good.  Ha!
 In class the children take turns doing devotionals.
 The kids study the scriptures.
 They study history, language arts, science, and math too!
 They take a 15 minute break for a snack and a little exercise.

 The kids have worked on memorizing famous quotes.
 Here's another one of John.  I thought he was being good and quiet while the other kids worked, then I found him outside...
 So, I ordered some activities for him.  This is a great product called Inchimals.  It's a really fun tool for teaching him to add, subtract, count, etc.
 Ryan really wanted to learn how to sew.  He had his first lesson with Aunt Shannon.  He picked out the fabric and everything and then Shannon helped him to sew up a nice pillow case.
 For PE, the kids take turns walking the dog.  Isn't Lucky cute?!?
 Grandma and Grandpa went to Texas to visit Uncle Steve.  They brought back these great tattoos.
Ryan and Maddie finished their school work early, so they got to make some cookies.
 This is another Physics experiment.

 Spencer and John love Lucky and spend lots of time training him and snuggling him.
 Shelby was super helpful in teaching Ryan his times tables.  It's really fun to see the older kids helping the younger ones.

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