Friday, June 29, 2012

Six Flags!

We took the kids to Six Flags.  We surprised them, got up early and set off!  We made great time and arrived just after the park opened.  First thing we did?  Got food.  Boys are sure hungry!!

Mac got a gigantic turkey leg!  It totally grossed me out to watch him eat it.  He wasn't hungry again for a long time...

 Our first ride was on an elephant.  The kids were super excited to try it out.  We all fit on it at the same time, minus Mac who did not want to ride.
 Then we were off to watch the whale and then the dolphin shows.  We all got very wet during the first show, which John did not like.  So, we sat much further back for the dolphin show.  The kids were all amazed.  I think my favorite was when the whale did a flip in the air and hit a ball with its tail.  It was incredible!!
 The kids went on this ride first.  It was awesome - even John rode on it.  I couldn't believe he didn't chicken out in the end.  He is quite the daredevil!!

Then we split up and Spencer and Mac went to the bigger rides, and the other kids and I went to see the sharks, baby animals, and the smaller rides.  We stopped for some ice cream too - by far the longest line I stood in, by the way.

This is a little frog ride that hops around in a circle.  John thought it was great. The other kids not so much...

 They had all different levels of swings.  This is the most tame.  We went on some faster ones later, but these were perfect for John.
 Maddie loved the butterfly house.  They had amazingly large butterflies.  They also had huge poi in a pond.  The kids got very hot inside the butterfly house.

 The walrus tank was sweet!  The walruses came right up to where the children were standing.  It was pretty shocking - John did not want to stand too close to the glass, but Maddie and Ryan got right up close.

We tried to touch the sting rays, but they all laid in the middle of the tank and the kids couldn't reach them.  Ryan tried so hard, it was such a bummer.

 This was the big roller coaster for us.  It only went around once, but it was pretty fast!

 Ryan really wanted to try a water ride at the park.  So, the last ride the boys went on was this one.  Mac and Ryan went on it together.  They had lots of fun together.

 They were very wet!!
All in all, it was a great trip.

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