Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Silver Dollar Fair 2012

 I love the fair!  I love, love, LOVE the fair!  This year we went with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Delayne and lots of cousins!  We brought along the Bairds and ran into the Pings, the Dimmitts, the Roberts, and more!  It was super fun.  Best of all, it happened to be Grandma's birthday - so it was a great way to celebrate.  We started with rides on the carousel. 

 Next we hit the ferris wheel.  This year was the first year we got bracelets instead of tickets.  Next year, even John will get a bracelet.  They were awesome!!

 Shelby's dance team performed at the fair.  They were terrific!  We had a great time watching her dance. 
 I got to go inside the fun house with the little ones.  It was tough to keep up and even tougher to take a picture!!
 This is Lily on a train ride.  She loved it!  We went on it more than once!!
 We went to check out the animals.  This is Maddie's favorite.  We didn't spend as much time there as we usually do because Lily was touching everything.  She didn't care which end of the animal she was poking.  Sheesh!
 After the animals and some hand washing, we ate a funnel cake.  It was like a shark feeding frenzy!!  Those kids were attacking that funnel cake!  It was gone - FAST!
 Bonnie played this little fish game, but then didn't really like the prizes...
 This is Eliza and Ryan inside the spinning bear.  It reminds me of the tea cups at Disneyland.  Ryan did not like going very fast, but Eliza was ready to go full speed ahead! 
 Eliza was super brave and went down this slide with Mac and Ty.  The other kids wouldn't do it.  She started crying just before it was her turn, so I thought she was getting cold feet.  But no, Mac was just squeezing her hand too hard!
 I really had to convince Ryan to try out the small swings, but he finally went on.  He had a good time!
 Rachel had some beautiful photography in the fair.  The purple flowers are hers.  She got two first prizes!!
 Ryan's class contributed penguin art work.  Ryan's won first prize!!
 I convinced Bonnie and Maddie to ride on the super big ferris wheel with me.  Bonnie was a bit nervous.  But, it goes very slowly so there was nothing to fear!
 I took the kids on an airplane ride.  It was the slowest, mellowest ride.  The older kids thought it was lame.  But, John and Lily thought it was great!!  John insisted that I "drive."  Lily kept trying to drive and John would go nuts and insist that she let go.  It was a crack up. 

My favorite game is the one where you shoot water and try to get the balloons to explode.  All of the kids did this one.  It was awesome!!!
I can't wait for the next fair!!

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