Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Maddie!!

 Maddie turned 10!  She woke up to birthday presents and pancakes.

 After breakfast Maddie went to her last day of art camp at the Chico Art School downtown.  She had great fun and made some beautiful pieces of art.  She was able to go with a couple of nice girls that really made the week fun.
 After art camp, we went to the movie theaters to see Brave on the opening day.  The girls were all very good.  They all got popcorn and a drink and sat all together.  It was really fun.  Brave was a good movie - highly recommended!  Shelby came back home with us and played.  Maddie and Shelby made their own headbands and put on a fashion show!
 That evening Maddie participated in her first riding show.  As soon as we arrived, Jan had everyone sing happy birthday to Maddie and had her sit in a special chair!  Maddie was so surprised!!
 After the pot luck, the kids were all given numbers and told what to do.

Maddie was fantastic!  She worked hard and showed off all of her skills.  Timmy (her horse) was tough, but she hung in there and kept him going.

 She walked, trotted, and cantered.  She also walked Timmy over a bridge and back.

 At the end of the evening, she received great praise from the judge and a ribbon (that now hangs on her wall!).  Overall, it was a fantastic day!!

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