Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stonyford Rodeo

 I went to my first rodeo.  Maddie and Ryan wanted to go to one, so we went for Ryan's birthday.  I had no idea how much fun rodeos are!  My favorite was watching the little ones on the sheep.  Hilarious!!  Some of those kids were GOOD!  The girl in the red shirt is the Stonyford Rodeo Queen, Emily Rath.  Emily teaches Maddie riding lessons.  Emily is also a math tutor and has helped Maddie with math too.  We adore her and had so much fun watching her do her thing!
 John had a great time.  He loved the icees.  He did get a couple of nasty slivers, but the nice medical people helped him.
 Emily came up into the stands to say hello to the kids.  She is such a good sport.  I am so thankful for Emily and all that she does.  It is so wonderful to have someone like her for Maddie to look up to.  Emily is truly beautiful on the inside and out!
On the way home, Ryan requested McDonald's for dinner.  So we all ate dinner and had some ice cream for dessert.  Yum!  Happy Birthday Ryan!

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