Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter Fun

 We had a nice little party for Easter at our home.  We invited the Chinese teachers over to teach them about our traditions.  They all colored Easter eggs.  Well, the Chinese girls took pictures and the kids colored eggs.  Those girls sure do love kids.  We had the Guadagnins and the Deckers over too.  The Deckers are our good friends who also love the Chinese program.

 Here are the Chinese teachers.  I believe we were missing two girls.  What fun!

 This is Sarah and Joshua.  They were such a fun addition to our group. 
 We let John and little Elizabeth (below) go out before the big kids.  They had a great time. 
 Sheila has a great camera...  I'm afraid all of my photos are taken with my phone...

 Macky and Jaycee found the big eggs.  They were happy!
Aunt Shannon worked so hard to get those little plastic things on the outside of the eggs!!
 Immediately after the party, Maddie went with Aunt Shannon to meet up with Aunt Sabra.  Sabra took Maddie to visit Aunt Delayne for Easter weekend.  We missed her, but Maddie so needed to see her cousin Bonnie.
 Here are the boys on Easter Sunday.  I love that bow tie!!

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