Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ryan's Jack-o-Lantern Story

 This is Ryan's first homework.  His teacher wanted him to make a jack-o-lantern out of construction paper and then write a story about it.  Here is his story:
"My jack-o-lantern grew out in the jungle.  The jungle was as creepy as a spider.  I went to the jungle on a boat and I didn't believe my eyes!  I saw my scary as a bear jack-o-lantern.  Then I went walking to this gate and I put my ear next to it.  My ear heard elephants!  I went home and made some hot chocolate.  Then end."
As long as I'm talking about jack-o-lanterns.  This is Ryan's.  He got the pumpkin on his field trip.  On Sunday, Daddy helped him make his jack-o-lantern.  Unfortunately, once Ryan got the seeds out, he dropped the pumpkin and it cracked down the sides.  So, Ryan decided to fix it with duct tape.  It is now a blind, mummy pumpkin.

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