Sunday, October 17, 2010

Garner Ranch Pumpkin Patch

Ryan and I got to go BY BUS to the pumpkin patch last Friday with his class.  He was so excited about that bus ride, I tell you what!  Ryan wore his cowboy boots, like he does most days.  The kids first went in to hear about the farm from their buddy's mom (who runs the show over there!).  Then they got to feed the goats.  They also had pigs, chickens, a steer that for some reason wore a saddle.  ??  Then we walked through their corn maze.  The kids really liked that.  I am so glad we did it during the day!  Finally they got to pick out a pumpkin.  Ryan hiked it way out to the back.  I made him come back - he was just too far out there!  He picked a big pumpkin, the biggest one he could carry.  Then they got to play on the hay stacks.  That is where Ryan got so dang dirty.  He was so hot.  He had sweat pouring down his face.  He was super happy!  He let me sit next to him on the bus ride home.  What a great trip! I hope to avoid riding on the school bus ever again, but I was happy to ride with Ryan that time.

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