Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving with Nana

Our tradition is to head South for Thanksgiving. We left the Tuesday before the holiday to drive down to Torrance to visit my Nana, Uncle Dick, and Uncle Marty. My brother Stephen and his girlfriend Kayla met us there. We had a very smooth trip down there. The children were great. We settled right in at Nana's and were off on Wednesday on our first adventure. We hit the Skirball Cultural Center first. They had an amazing Noah's Ark Exhibit. I highly recommend it if you're in the area. They kids had a great time. When you walk in to the exhibit, it's like you're joining the animals getting ready to load onto the ark. All of the animals are made out of recycled parts and pieces and are extremely lifelike and touchable. The kids had a great time making thunder and rain, and loading the animals on, two by two. They even got to help build the ark!! When you move into the next room it's like you are on the ark. You could climb all around, play with animal puppets, see different kinds of food, etc. Then you arrive safely into the next room for some music and fun. It was my favorite activity from this trip!!
On Wednesday we also go to watch Mr. Bonsai get his yearly haircut. Maddie was Uncle Dick's assistant, and they were very serious about it. Mr. Bonsai is now looking good!

Macky, Spencer, and Uncle Steve played alot of chess. Everyone won a couple of times, so I think it all went well. Spencer and Steve had to really play their best to keep Macky in check!!

We also went down to Redondo Beach a couple of times. Maddie was so brave this year and went boogie boarding for the first time!! She wasn't too happy while on the board, but was very pleased with herself after. I think she'll be a pro in no time.

I didn't take a single photo on Thanksgiving and I'm totally kicking myself. My cousin Matt came and I should have gotten a picture of him. Sorry Matt!! On Friday we all went ice skating - yes ice skating outside in LA!! Somehow, even though it was like 80 degrees, they had an ice skating rink on top of a parking structure in downtown LA. Ryan was HILARIOUS!! He was moving his feet so fast that they were a blur!! He didn't last very long, but sure tried hard. Mac had a good time and Maddie was on the ice the longest. I was really proud of all of them!

On Sunday we all went to Santa Monica to some gardens for meditation. It was just beautiful and peaceful. They plant life was prolific and diverse, the architecture was very interesting and the company was the best!

We drove home Monday and had a very nice time of it. Nana's home was just the best. I sure wish we could all see each other more often.

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