Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

Our Ward Christmas Party went off well this year. We had a breakfast with the children singing and our special guest, Santa. We had a waffle bar with fruit salad. It was very yummy! Unfortunately, I didn't think about how the multiple waffle irons would short out the plugs. That was the one bad thing. It backed up with waffle making. We did get it going, but I'll definitely remember about that next time.
Spencer played Santa for us. I told the kids about it, and reminded them to keep his identity a secret. Ryan couldn't hold it though. As soon as Santa came in to the cultural hall, Ryan yelled, "THAT'S NOT SANTA, THAT'S MY DADDY!!" It was hilarious! I had to run and get him to stop yelling. Then he just hung around as "Santa's Helper." He was so proud of his Dad.

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