Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mac Turns 12!

 I can't believe it, but Mac is 12 years old!  He turned 12 on a Sunday.  He woke up early so that he could dress nicely for the special occasion and still have time to unwrap presents before Church.  Immediately following Church, Mac received the Aaronic Priesthood from his dad.  Happy day!  The Guadagnins and the Carrs were able to join us for that.
 After Church, Grandma and Grandpa had brought presents over.  This big one is from Uncle Steve.
 Steve & Kayla got Macky a new guitar.  Mac has been taking lessons and needed to move up from my old piece of junk guitar.  Thanks!
That evening we had a family party for him and Uncle Doug.  Mac did not feel well, but he managed to drag himself out of bed to open presents...
 The Saturday after his birthday, Mac and I were able to go down to the Temple together.  This was his first trip to the temple and he was very excited.  He learned alot and we had a great time.

 Mac loves space.  He made this display of the solar system for homeschool. 
 This little John here is so cute.  This is how I think Mac should be.  He's grown up so fast!!

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