Tuesday, March 20, 2012

January Mega Blog Post

 I got to go and watch Chandler play basketball with his Ward's team.  He LOVES that game.
 Spencer and Maddie made a mission.  They did a terrific job.  She did the one from San Francisco.
 Oranges.  Yum!
 Mac and Maddie went to a practice for the Monster Concert.  Spencer took them to lunch after.
 Spencer and I got all dressed up for our friends' White Trash Christmas party.  It was in January this year.  So fun!  Spencer held the title for best spit wad guy.

 Here are Mac and Maddie after the Monster Concert.  They would not let Maddie perform because she missed the dress rehearsal that morning.  It was a huge disappointment, especially since they let other children who missed a rehearsal in for the show.  Bah.  Maddie says that she wants to do it next year.  What a champ!

 Mom and Gary found some of our old snow clothes.  This is John wearing one of Uncle Steve's old hats.
 These lovely ladies performed Do, Re, Me from Sound of Music for our Ward Talent Show.  Alina played the piano beautifully.  Marnette and Maddie were a great pair for a duet!!  Maybe I'll get around to uploading the video this week!

 This is John on his first day of preschool at the Peanut Butter Palace.  He loves to go there. 
 Chinese New Year!  We got to try authentic Chinese dumplings.  Wang Lu worked so hard!!  She helped the kids to learn along the way.  The dumplings were delicious!!

 The Chinese girls brought little gifts for the children.  It is tradition to put candies and money in red envelopes for gifts on Chinese New Year.

 Mac went on his last camp out to earn his First Class level in Boy Scouts.  Yipee!!

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