Thursday, August 11, 2011

Party Time!

 We were lucky enough to have a couple of parties this weekend.  I love parties!  Ryan, loves music.  We got the Eliza Carr soundtrack going and Ryan couldn't keep still.  He was rockin' all over the back patio!  He even got John in on the action!!
 Eliza Stapf sure likes purple salt water taffy!

 Julie went above and beyond with these cake pops.  They are super yummy and really easy to pass out to the kids.  They didn't even make a mess!  YUM!
This is a picture to show off Maddie and Bonnie's best friends necklaces. They wear them everyday to remember each other!

 We rented a sno cone machine for the parties.  It was so fun!  A little ice sure went a long way. 
This is a shot of some of the boys who came to swim on Saturday.  Dallin is now 11. Yipee!!

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