Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lake Almanor

 We got to go again to visit Lake Almanor.  I love that place!  We saw this bird in the water, trying to swim like a fish with wings instead of fins.  It was crazy.  We watched this bird all afternoon.  It got it's head stuck in the rocks.  My cousin called animal control for help, but they never came.  The bird eventually worked itself over to the stairs and snuck away.  I never saw it fly.
 My uncle got this huge blow up thing for the kids to play on.  It was really cool!
 You have to go really far out in the water to get some place where you can't touch.  It is shallow forever!

 Mac is now into the  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Thanks Uncle Rich!

 The kids played for hours together on the small strip of beach.  It really doesn't take much to have fun.

 This is my favorite shot from the trip.  John was following my grandma all around.  I remember my G. Grandma well.  She loved me and I had a good time with her.  But, I don't think she ever got down on the ground and played with me.  John has had great fun with his G. Grandma and is always asking if we can go and play at her house.  :)
This is something new at the cabin.  The kids rigged the hose to shoot water out at them and they ran through the sprinklers.  I couldn't believe they thought of that when they are so close to a lake.  They had great fun doing it though!

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