Thursday, May 12, 2011

Science Projects

 This year three kids entered the Science Fair.  It was the first year for Maddie and Ryan.  Ryan was super excited to be involved with the older kids.  He did a project on chemical changes.  He put lemon juice in a bottle and then put in baking soda and slapped a cork on top.  It took a few moments, but then the gases accumulated enough to shoot that cork right off the top of the bottle.  It was very exciting!!  He got third place in the fair and really did a nice job.
 Maddie's project was on osmosis.  There is a surprising lack of information on osmosis for young children.  She worked very hard and learned through her potato/salt water experiment.  She drew a very nice diagram as well.  She also placed third in the fair.
 Mac's project was a demonstration more than an experiment this year.  He made a hovercraft.  He and Spencer had lots of fun making it.  Macky did not enjoy riding it as much as we thought he would.  It worked well.  I even tried it on the pool, that did not go as well.  Below is a picture of Emily trying it out with a little help from Spencer.

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