Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip to SF

 Last weekend we got to go and visit my brother Steve!  Grampie came along and we met up with Uncle Dick.  We started at the Blue Mermaid - one of Mac's favorite restaurants.  Then we hit up Ghiradelli for some ice cream.  On Saturday we got up and went to Fort Point.
 The kids had a blast checking out the fort - Ryan loved the cannon balls!  They also loved watching the surfers.  Because of the tsunami warning, there were tons of surfers!  The waves were small, but they guys were still out there trying.

 The walls were super thick!  The kids had fun exploring and climbing.  This is a free, historical site, by the way.  It was a great way to spend the morning.

 This is the view of the city from the fort, which is just underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

 On Sunday we went to the Chabot Space Museum.  I went and got family passes for the Gateway Museum and was able to use those to get into Chabot.  I saved a serious chunk of change doing that!
 We watched two movies in their huge megadomes.  One was on dinosaurs and the other was on outer space.  I wish we had only watched one.
 This is in the Bill Nye science exhibit.  This was super fun for the kids - very interactive.

 Maddie loves those green screens.  She is all ready to be a weather forecaster!

 I hope that my kids are super excited about science after this!!

I wanted to take the kids to UC Berkeley too, but we ran out of steam.  It started raining again, too.  Oh well.  Overall, we sure had a great time.  We crammed alot of fun in to a couple of days!!

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