Thursday, March 10, 2011

Macky Is 11!

Mac woke up very early on Saturday, the 26th.  It was his birthday and he wanted to open his gifts.  I told him NO WAY!  He went stomping out of the room, saying disgustedly, "This is just like Christmas."  Eventually he got to open his gifts.  He got some nice books and a special book light that he can use in his bed when John is asleep.
Then we were off to soccer.  Ryan was very excited to get to play goalie.  He didn't realize that he got to use his hands, but he had lots of fun!
 After soccer, I took Mac and his buddy Dallin out to lunch.  Mac got sushi, Dallin and I did not.  Mac LOVES sushi.  Then we went over to play miniature golf and air hockey.  Those boys are seriously competitive.  I had to hide the scorecard!  It turned out to be a very fun day!  I can't believe that Mac is already 11!!

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