Thursday, August 26, 2010


Poor ol' Ryan had to get a circumcision yesterday.  He was so super brave!  He was cracking everyone up and had a great attitude.  He's recovering nicely and enjoying all of the extra screen time!


  1. now i won't complain at all about doing this with my 2 week old...

  2. If you don't mind me asking (just delete this comment if you do), was this for medical reasons? Almost no-one in the UK gets circumcised for medical reasons, especially not before their teens, and it's been suggested that a medical "need" for circumcision is overdiagnosed in the USA.

    I hope he's doing just fine anyway. Let him have all the screen time he wants!

    @megan: This does not justify circumcising a baby with no symptoms. Some people have their appendix out, but we don't do it to babies just in case. Circumcision later on is safer, less painful, and gives better results anyway. No chance of a repeat operation either, which happens in about 5% of infant circumcisions. In Europe, less than 1% of children ever actually need to be circumcised, and it's getting rarer.

    That means you'd need to circumcise over 100 babies to prevent one circumcision later, but of those 100, 5 will need a revision (effectively a second circumcision) anyway.

  3. This is one reason we had our son done as a baby.I am delighted he is happy with being circumcised he will be trouble free for the rest of his life so will his baby brother when he is done.

  4. Congratulations on Ryan getting circumcised. Better to be done now. No more problems with phimosis and a host of other infections. I was circumcised in my fifties. Best thing I ever did. My son was also circumcised at birth. No regrets or complaints except for one, that I wish had been circumcised at birth or at a younger age.
    As for what happens in Europe, who cares? If you dont want to circumcise or get circumcised, then dont do it. circumcision has been around for over 100 yrs in the USA. It was almost 50 percent in the UK until the NHS stopped paying. By the way, Brits with private insurance and those in the upper income classes still circumcise regularly, that includes Sir Roger Moore and the Royal Family. All circumcised.
    FYI Circumcision is not easier as an adult. I should know since I experienced it. There is no need for stitches when an infant is circumcised. An adult needs 4-6 weeks to recuparate.
    Circumcsion is not overdiagnosed in the USA. It is underdiagnosed in Europe. The NHS in the UK will not pay for it and that is why it has declined there. However, even the NHS will eventually have to pay with the rising muslim population.

    Cancer of the penis occurs over 90 percent in uncircumcised males. It is rare unless you are the one who gets it.


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