Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whiteheads and Hills

For our first day trip in Utah, we went to visit our good friends in Sandy.  We had a splendid day hanging out with the Whiteheads and catching up on the goings on in our old neighborhood.
This is Maddie with her best friend Ellie.  They were so dramatic!!
John was very happy to be with the Whiteheads too!
We played beauty parlor!  Laura and I got to paint the finger nails and toe nails of Maddie, Ellie, and Ashley!
For dinner, we went to IHOP for Scout Night.  It was so fantastic!  I just love those Whiteheads!!  I especially love how well our kids just mesh in together to have fun.  One of my favorite parts of this trip was teasing Matt.  He said that he wants to wait until after his mission to date girls, but his Dad and I would like to see him out every weekend!!  :)
This is a group of the kids sitting down and watching a movie.
This is Parker and Macky.  They played all day, I didn't even see them until dinner!  While in Sandy, Laura took me on my necessary visit to Deseret Book where I got some fun new books and movies!!  Laura and I had a great time talking.  I loved talking with Lisa too!  I sure miss those two awesome ladies!!

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