Monday, June 28, 2010

Maddie's Baptism

Maddie was baptized last Saturday.  We have been looking forward to this special day for a long time.  I had all of these great plans.  My friend Jean made a beautiful special dress for Maddie.  My friend Alicia helped with cute decorations and cupcake toppers.  Uncle Doug helped us make a bunch of fruit kabobs.  Bruce MacMillan has been working with Maddie for weeks to help her be ready to sing on her special day.  He accompanied her on the guitar.  
On Saturday the kids had a great time swimming with their cousins and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Smith.  Macky started complaining of a headache, but we sent him to get dressed anyway.  We made it to the Church on time, which was an improvement from Macky's baptism.  We hung up the decorations.  Ryan "helped" with the cupcakes, which RUINED the frosting.  Ug.  So, I was hurriedly trying to fix them when someone came up to me and said, "Macky is throwing up."  Yep.  In Church.  On the carpet.  In front of guests.  SO, I got him into the bathroom with Spencer.  Good ol' Uncle Brett cleaned up the throw up.  We got Maddie into her special white jumpsuit and had a nice picture taken with her Daddy.  Mac went home with Aunt Patti and we started the program just a few minutes late.

Maddie's cousin Bonnie gave the opening prayer.  Grandma Bonnie gave the talk on baptism.  She did a lovely job.  I think everyone was really touched.  Then Maddie and Bruce performed, "Beautiful Savior."  It was amazing!  Maddie is so talented and confident.  She really brought a special spirit to our meeting.  Then Spencer baptized her.  Then I got to run back and help her dress in her special new white dress.  I will always treasure the special moments I had with her.  I talked with her about how she felt and about why she felt that way.  She was so happy.  Her cousins Bonnie and Jaycee came back and gave her a hug and told her how excited they were for her.  Those three make me so happy.  Then we walked out together.  Aunt Shannon gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  She made this really cool thing that looked like a quilt that had a pictorial representation of what she was saying.  Maddie was thankful to have a memento from the day.  Then her Dad gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost along with help from Grandpa Smith, Uncle Doug, Uncle Brett, Kevin Wagner, and Mark Ping.  I kept thinking she is so lucky to have so many nice men watching out for her and helping her.  Then Brother Wagner said a few words.  Then Jaycee said the closing prayer.  It was so sweet and special.  I almost forgot that my decorations and food got messed up.  I am sad that Mac missed it.
I'm so thankful for our Church and for all of the support that we receive from our friends.  Maddie feels loved and important.

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