Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TJ Farms

Yesterday was Ryan's first field trip. Maddie, John, and I tagged along. We had so much fun! We drove over to TJ Farms here in Chico with all of Ryan's class. The children had these great bright green shirts. So cute!! The Moss family taught us how to use their tools to get corn from the cob and then to mash it up nicely for their animals. Ryan and Maddie fed the donkeys, but steered clear of the goats and sheep. We never even saw the chickens. After we made the feed and fed the animals, we went off to pick out pumpkins. This was the best part!! Our shoes got so muddy!! Ryan ran all over the patch. He was a little green blur. Maddie very carefully looked at each pumpkin. How different two kids can be! All of the pumpkins were so nice looking. You really couldn't go wrong. At the end all of the kids played in a bunch of hay bales. The weather was perfect. It's one of those days where I'm so thankful to be a SAHM.

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