Monday, August 31, 2009

Air Show and Yo-Yo Fun!

This Saturday the Woods and the Smiths headed off to the air show. I LOVED it! I really can't get enough of the air show. I really wish I could have hung out there all day. It was hot, I have to say - but not so bad as last year. The real bummer of the morning was that they kids zone didn't have the airplane kits ready for kids to put together at all. Macky went by three times and they didn't have it for him. That is his favorite part. I'm not sure what happened there.
We all loved watching the planes and parachuters. We had a great lunch, thank you Northern California National Bank. We looked at tons of great old planes and military planes. The kids even got to try out an old military helicopter. The veterans were there helping the kids and showing them how things worked, it was fantastic. Then we got super yummy funnel cakes and some lemonade from good ol' Uncle Doug. Man that guy can cook!!

Once we got home, we decided to head over to Bird in Hand to check out the Yo-yo guys. Every Saturday they have a group of kids there yo-yoing like crazy! If you learn certain tricks you can get a free t-shirt! It was a blast to watch them. I think Mac may want to join up and try to get a free shirt! We also went in to the museum and saw their giant yo-yo. I found out this Saturday that it actually works. Back in 1996, then hooked it up to a crane and let it rip! Can you believe that? Just awesome... I love Chico.

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