Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping in the High Lakes

Brett and Ethan took Spencer and Macky camping last Friday night. They had a blast and were exhausted when they came home. Spencer jumped right into the pool with his clothes on! Ethan was filthy from head to toe!
They camped up by Morse Lake. They had to hike in carrying their stuff. Mac was a trooper and had a great attitude the whole time. Spencer was very proud!
Once they made it to camp they fished, shot cans, ate, played cards, read and much more! During the night around 1:00 am Brett woke Spencer to tell him that there was a bear nearby. They still had food in camp and of course the two little boys, so they were very worried. Spencer shot his 22 into the air a couple of times, but that didn't seem to scare the bear away. So they all started yelling really loud and the men built a big fire. Brett stayed up and kept guard the rest of the night. Macky just wanted to sleep and wasn't at all worried.
Brett said that next time they go camping, they want to go somewhere more remote... ?!?!?
Spencer wants me to camp, and I said sure as long as there are showers!!

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