Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Fun!

This post will be a long one!  It is filled with all that we have been doing since Maddie's birthday.  The reason that I can post this now - I am finally done with the second year of law school!! Sheesh!  With all we had going on, blogging did not happen, but we've done lots of fun things in the last month!!

Maddie got a pack of mustaches for her birthday.  Laf.

John found the fabric paint from Maddie's birthday and got it all over his arm, the counter, and the kitchen canisters.  I found him in the bathroom trying to clean up.  Fabric paint has to peel off, water doesn't help so much...

I finally got to see where Julie works.  I should have had my camera out the whole time, but I only thought to take a pic when I saw Aidan sitting up on a basketball hoop.  How did that kid get up there??  Amazing!

 We got together for Chandler and Maddie's birthday over at the Guadagnins.  The kids have so much fun together.

 John has been eating lots of donuts this summer.  Yum!
 Mr. Cool
 This is Mac at the encampment with the young men.  He earned his water sports merit badge!

 While Mac and Spencer were at the encampment, I took the kids to the primary party at the Church farm.  This is John and Olivia Barton swimming at the pool.
 Spencer and Mac got to pretend to be Alma and Alma the Younger at Church to support the read the Book of Mormon this summer push!
 Grandma came over and helped me to make a serious amount of raspberry jam.  We hope it will last all year...

 We have done lots of swimming, of course!!
 Oldie but a goodie!
 Grandma Vonnie turned 80 years old!  We had a nice family party at Outback Steakhouse for her.
 For the fourth of July we spent the morning at Bidwell Park and listened to the music and enjoyed the pie eating contest.  It was hot!!  We also celebrated Jodi's birthday.  We had to sneak up on her, but we got her!!  :)

 John fell asleep during the fireworks!!
 We visited the Science Museum and had a great time.  We even ran into Jacob Whitmore, who was volunteering.

 John was crazy good at this puzzle.
 Jacob challenged Maddie to do this puzzle - he told her he didn't think she could do it.  So, she did it!!  It took her 20 minutes...
 Another oldie but goodie!

 I was told to call him "Swim Man."
 Maddie sang the national anthem at the Cycleland Speedway.  Her friends Haley and Shelby came to support her!!  She was amazing!!  The Cycleland crew were great.

 Sweet moment.

 Zane loves Dutch Bros. almost as much as I do!!
 Ryan earned his Wolf!  He is now working on his Bear.  We had the ceremony at the Barton's and got to go swimming after they gave out the awards.

The first thing we did after I finished my finals was to take the kids to the movies.  We saw Turbo.  It was pretty good.  The kids enjoyed the arcade too.  It was really nice to take it easy!
I now have one month off to enjoy the summer.  I can't wait for all the fun!!

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