Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I had a great birthday!  My brother sent me this awesome pin!

Delayne came and made me this fantastic cake!!  The white part may look like icing, but it's actually white chocolate.  Can you believe that?  She is amazing!

We all watched General Conference together.  It was delightful.  The kids were very diligent in taking notes in their Conference packets.  I was surprised how much the kids worked at their packets.  I think we have a new tradition!

Of course, not everyone did their packets.  

We barely snuck in one card game.  Next time, Ethan, next time.

I wanted a picture of all the kids together - all lined up by age.  Easier said that done...  Here's the first attempt.

Here's the last.  Delayne had to hold John and Lily in place.  But, everyone else was happy!

Bonnie and Maddie wrote a terrific story over the weekend.  They wanted to share it with the children before bed, but never got the chance.  Just before the Stapfs left, they gave their presentation.  They are so creative.  

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