Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

 We started our Fourth of July at Bidwell Park, listening to the Chico Community Band.  Uncle Ken played trombone and Uncle Dennis played percussion.  After the great music, Uncle Dennis let the kids try out the drums.

 Later, Ryan entered the pie eating contest for kids under 8.  Above is the before picture.  Uncle Steve and Travis gave Ryan some great pointers.  I was laughing so hard watching the men tell Ryan just how to eat a lot of food quickly. 
 Here are the kids all ready for the contest.  The kids were each given a big slice of pie and whoever ate their piece first, won!
 Ryan came in second place.  He was very excited and MAN did he have a large cheering section!!!
 Ryan was even interviewed on the news!!
 Ryan won a free pie!!
Later on in the day, we went to watch the fireworks.  This year we put a mattress in the back of the truck - that was a great idea.  Johnny and Saydee had a great time playing together!!  The fireworks were less than spectacular, but it was a very fun evening with great friends.

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