Thursday, January 5, 2012

Uncle Steve and Kayla

My brother and his fiance came from Texas by way of Minnesota to come and visit us for the holidays.  We had so much fun that I took hardly any pictures!  They were very kind to the kids and they all played and had a great time.  Uncle Steve even gave us girls the morning off and took all the boys to the movies by himself!  The boys thought that was terrific!!
Spencer, Steve, Travis, Kayla, Janel, and I all got together and went to the movies.  It was a super fun date night.  I think the real high point was when Travis fell asleep during the movie and started snoring!  We were laughing so hard that we cried.  Good times. 
We also took Mac to walk from Grandma's house to Bidwell Jr.  He will get to do that walk alot this year once he starts seventh grade.  John rode his little bike the whole way.  I'm so glad Steve and Kayla could come for a visit.

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