Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stapfs Visit

I think this is my first post about Delayne coming to visit.  Boo.  Well, she did come - yeah! - and the little girls got to stay for a bit while she shopped.  While Delayne was out, I witnessed a miracle.  Eliza sat on the couch with a book.  John got up next to her and asked her to read him a book.  (Notice: no screaming or biting involved, he was just nice to her!!)  Eliza said that she doesn't know how to read.  John said that was okay and they started to look at the pictures.  Next thing you know, Lily climbs up and wants in on the action.  So, Eliza goes to the book shelf and picks out a stack of books.  She piled them up next to John and told him he was in charge of handing her books when she asked.  He took his job very seriously.  They sat there for over an hour.  Incredible!!  Love those kids.  :)

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