Monday, April 25, 2011

Kindergarten Fun!

 Ryan's class got to go and visit Two by Two, a local petting zoo.  All of the children got to feed the little lamb.
 They all got to hold a goat.  They were able to see a donkey, llama, pig, many goats, a variety of chickens and even a couple of huge turtles.  I'm glad I don't have all of those things in my backyard!!
 On the last Thursday before Easter, the kids got to have some Easter fun at school.  I got to bring the ice cream treat.  Ryan was so happy!  The kids all lined up to search for the eggs.  Then they were off!  Ryan ran around the yard a few times.  He was very difficult to photograph.

 Ryan found a special egg with his name on it.
 This is Ryan's best buddy Joshua with his special egg.
 Here are the kids checking out their loot.  Believe it or not, most kids did not eat the candy out of their eggs.

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  1. So sad I missed the egg hunt at school. Will you email me the picture of Joshua with his egg?