Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year's!

We ended 2009 with family and good friends. We had pizza, soda, yummy salad, and (my favorite) chocolate fondue! I messed up on the first batch of fondue, but the second batch turned out fine. My brother Jeff let us borrow his PS3 and we all played Rock Band. We played cards, too. The kids ran wild. They watched movies and ran around. Lilly was the first to sleep, then John. Then I noticed little Alison asleep flat on her back in my bed. Her shoes were on, the lights were on, the TV was on. She was snoring. It was so funny! She stayed like that the rest of the night. Poor thing missed most of the party. Around 9:00 PM we took the children outside and counted down. They all popped some poppers and made ALOT of noise. We went back inside and had a toast with sparkling cider. Yum! I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful supportive, non-judgmental people. Happy New Year!

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  1. you have such a great family. It looked like you had a great time last night. Thanks for sharring.