Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation Day 3 - First Full Day at the Hill Cabin

Very near to the cabin there are several ponds, swings, and even a see saw. The kids loved it! Matt was super and sat on one end and let the younger girls all sit together on the other. I came outside to see what all of the giggling was about and this is what I saw!

After a trip to the store, they came back with popsicles. The kids were so happy. It's funny how great the little things are.
After a full week of fun and new sites, we asked Macky what his favorite part was. He said, "playing cards." These kids played game after game. It is hilarious to hear them trash talk eachother. My favorite card moment was when I was playing Go Fish with Sam and Ryan. Sam won. He then said (while pointing), "Do you know who the losers are? You and you." I said to him, "You are a Whitehead." It was classic! We laughed about it all weekend!!

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